Vibrant, digitally printed labels for cheese makers
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Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we work with you to develop your brand and help improve the overall appearance of your labels and cheese packaging in order to set your cheese apart from the competiton.

Colorful, eye-catching labels are becoming the norm for cheese makers of all sizes.  Many have discovered the benefits of creating a unique brand which is noticed by their customers.

We've helped many cheese makers upgrade from one and two color flexo labels and those companies have reported increased sales as a result.

Our digital process eliminates plate and setup costs and enables you to combine like size labels to obtain more favorable pricing and reduce your inventory levels. 

Also, you're able to add as many colors to each label design as desired for no extra cost.  You can even have a digital photo from your farm (barn, animals, creamery, etc.) as the label background. 

Your label design should tell your story and show how your cheese is different from others.

Each label design may have unique colors and graphics and still be combined to obtain higher quantity price breaks.

Additionally, our turnaround time of typically one week enables you to only buy what you need in the short term.  Many of our customers elect to order monthly.

Lastly, we're also able to help you with your seasonal, holiday, and co-branding label needs.  Feel free to add a retail store logo, a state cheesemakers association logo or any award/medal info to your designs.

Please let us know if you would some free samples.

Our telephone number is 262.623.6148 and we can be contacted via email at

Below is additional information about our company.

We're able to manufacture a higher quality label by utilizing high tech digital printing and cutting technologies.

Our digital print resolution is superior to flexo, litho or screen printed labels and is often considered
"magazine" quality.

We've been serving companies throughout the United States and Canada since 2004.

We serve companies of all sizes from farmstead to artisan to large cheese makers.  Our digital product has proven to be beneficial to companies of all sizes.

Lastly, we embrace lean manufacturing principles in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Thank you for visiting our web site and feel free to email or call us with any questions.


We imported a digital photo into the label above.  Send us your photo and we'll help you put together your label.
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